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Gateway Baptist Church's History

Gateway Baptist Church was founded by Pastor James Regions in 1988 on the present site of 980 US Highway 70 West in Alamogordo, NM. The site consisted of 1.1 acres, a metal general purpose building of some 3000 square feet and a small paved parking area facing highway 70.

After nearly two years of labor, the church grew to about ninety to one hundred in attendance - mostly military people. Internal strife and military transfers caused the church much harm and in the summer of 1990 the few remaining adults voted to disband and let the property go into receivership.

Bro. David Hoyle, the Director of the Rescue Mission in El Paso, Texas, met with the few remaining. He encouraged them not to disband. He agreed to come to Alamogordo on weekends and act as an interim Pastor to try to save and expand the church. The Lord blessed the effort of Bro. Hoyle and the people. The church was not disbanded.

In December of 1990, Pastor Dwain Love came to Gateway in view of relieving Bro. Hoyle as interim Pastor if the church desired. Driving from El Paso and spending the weekend was taking a toll on Bro. Hoyle's health. Instead, the church voted and desired that Pastor Love accept the pastorate at Gateway Baptist. His first official Sunday was January 6, 1991.

God blessed the church. In April of 1991 an additional 6.5 adjacent acres were purchased bringing the total acreage to 7.6 acres. By August 1991 additional space was needed. In November 1991 construction was started on the present sanctuary and worship building. It was completed and dedicated in August of 1992. The congregation had grown in regular attendance to about 120. Due to the military nature of our membership, in which there is constant turnover due to transfers and separation, the size of our church membership varies.

Due principally to a lack of nursery and Awana facilities an additional building of some 2300+ square feet was started in the fall of 1994 and completed in March of 1995. This facility now serves as our fellowship hall, Awana game circle and Life Builders Sunday school classroom.

In August of 1996 Chuck King and his wife Laura joined the staff of Gateway Baptist Church. Bro. King assumed responsibility for the Sunday School, Awana, and outreach programs for the church. He also taught the Life Builders Sunday School class, ministering to the young adults in our congregation.

In May of 2007 Pastor Love announced his intention to retire from the Pastorate of Gateway. The church membership subsequently called Chuck King as pastor, a role he assumed in July 2007.

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Banner photo courtesy of Wojtek Rychlik